The KnitKnit Sundown Salon

knit salon knitknit knit salon salon

Curator Fritz Haeg invited Sara Grady and me to collaborate on an art event celebrating knitting and handcraft, to be held at his LA-based art space, "Sundown Salon," in 2004. The daylong event included art installations, performances and a film/video screening. Guests were invited to bring projects to work on and wear clothes they'd made. I produced this video as documentation of the event.

Participants included: Lisa Anne Auerbach, Stephen Beck, Liz Collins, Clare Crespo, the Church of Craft (Los Angeles Chapter), Dearraindrop, Jim Drain, Sarah Dunbar, Feral Childe, Emily Haeg, Brooke Hodge, Jen Hofer, Amy Hoffecker, Daniel Marlos, Bridget Marrin, Tina Marrin, Althea Merback, Eugene Ong (Ujein), Julian Seidl, Adam Sidell, Michele Smith, Melissa Thorne and Megan Whitmarsh/Tiny Industries.

Produced and edited with Jason Spingarn-Koff
Camera by Laura Nix
Still photography by Jeaneen Lund
Original music by Stephen Vitiello and Tan As Fuck

Available for rental and for sale.