found footage dumpster

found footage footage footage

“Found Footage Dumpster” marked the contemporary transition from analog to digital technologies (Kodak, for example, discontinued the manufacture and sale of all slide projection equipment in June of 2004), and offered abandoned narratives as material to be re-considered, re-used and transformed. The work also played on the history of Socrates Sculpture Park (a dumpsite converted into an exhibition space) by reclaiming undervalued material and re-presenting it as a community resource.

The piece consisted of a dumpster placed on the grassy lawn of Socrates Sculpture Park, New York, and filled with analog moving image media such as super 8 cartoons, educational and amateur 16 mm films, VHS tapes, and family vacation slides. Collected from yard sales, flea markets, warehouses, film labs, other dumpsters, library sales, and eBay, all of the footage was presented as trash that could be picked though and taken home by any visitor.

I held evening screenings of work made onsite, alongside found footage works by Dara Birnbaum, Matthew Buckingham, and Lana Lin, among others.