crochet film

crochet crochet crochet film

"Crochet Film" was a site-specific installation created for SculptureCenter, a museum in Long Island City, NY. Suited to SculptureCenter's 40-foot long lower-level gallery, "Crochet Film" explored the duration and movement of a projected image as it collapsed into the immobility of a tactile object. I shot a 16mm film measuring 80 feet (double the length of the gallery) depicting myself crocheting an 80-foot film replica out of wool yarn, an object that took nearly 10 hours to create. The actual film stretched from a projector to the opposite end of the space and looped back to the projector, with the crocheted replica installed nearby, merging space and material.

Both objects were labeled with their length and duration:
Film: 80 feet, 2:14 min.
Film replica: 80 feet, 575 min.

The piece was modified in length and installed at the G Fine Art gallery in Washington DC (2005), York Quays Gallery, Harbourfront Centre, Toronto, Canada (2007), and the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, TX (2010).